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DPS International Ghana provides a broad and balanced school curriculum that sets the direction & establishes the goals and implements a strategy for getting from where a child is, to where he/she aspires to be. Our efforts are to encourage all children to realize their true potential and seek educational challenges. We consider the child's all-round development; intellectual, social, physical, moral and emotional, to be of paramount importance. Our efforts are to encourage all children to realize their true potential and seek educational challenges. We consider the child's all-round development; intellectual, social, physical, moral and emotional, to be of paramount importance. We stand committed to 'Service Beyond Self' and prepare the young learners to act in accordance with a personal philosophy that reflects concern for all, and understand the ethical implications of the various disciplines.

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Academic Excellence


of all school students exceed global test results









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The Pre-Primary level at DPS comprises of Crèche (1-2yr old), Pre-Nursery (2-3yr old), Nursery (3-4yr old) and Preparatory (4-5yr old). The tiny tots are taught through the Montessori Methodology of teaching and due importance is given to developing the basic skills that are needed for every student to master the innovative learning process throughout his or her life. The child friendly and safe environment with our state of the art infrastructure is a boon for our toddlers to explore their learning skills to the fullest.

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Primary School

The Primary level at DPS comprises of grades 1, 2 and 3 (also known as year 1, 2 and 3). We offer Cambridge Primary curriculum at this level. Students start on an exciting journey of learning through hands-on experiments and activities. The main aim of education at this level is to groom each student to become a confident and versatile global citizen who can take on the world with ease.

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Lower Secondary

The Lower Secondary level at DPS comprises of grades 6, 7 and 8 (also known as year 6, 7 and 8). We offer Cambridge Lower Secondary curriculum aiming to develop skills in a minimum of seven subjects and a maximum of 10 subjects including: English as a first language, Mathematics, ADD Mathematics, Literature in English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, combined sciences, Accounting, Business Studies, Economics, Geography, ICT, Computer Science, French as a Foreign Language, Music & Art and Design. There are a plethora of extra-curricular educational activities such as public speaking, quizzing, creating-writing, project-making and many more.

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Upper Secondary - IGCSE

The Upper Secondary level at DPS comprises of grades 9 and 10 (also known as year 9 and 10). We offer Cambridge IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education), a unique UK Government endorsed program recognized by the leading universities around the world. This curriculum is a two year program preparing the students to take the examination accredited to Cambridge Assessment International Education. The question papers of this examination are externally set, evaluated and certificated by the University of Cambridge. The teaching and learning processes at this level is par excellence. Since the inception of the school in 2010, the students at this level have won “best student award” in various disciplines from the British Council in Accra, Ghana every year.

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Pre-University -AS & A-Level

The Cambridge International AS & A Level at DPS comprises of grades 11 and 12 (also known as year 11 and 12). AS is known as Advanced Subsidiary level and A is known as Advanced level. We offer internationally benchmarked qualifications to prepare our students for university education. The subjects offered are English Language, Literature and English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Further Mathematics, Sociology, Business, Accounting, Economics, Geography, French Literature and Art & Design. DPSI is one of the very few schools in Ghana that offers such a wide range of qualifications taught by highly qualified and well-trained teachers with expertise in their respective subjects. The counseling department of DPSI facilitates students by helping them in their application procedures in seeking/gaining admission to world-renowned universities and colleges in Ghana, UK, USA and around the world.

Why we are Unique

We equip and empower students to reach their full potential through highest academic standards, the facilities and equipment for art, music and sports, social integration and special attention to each student. We make sure students grow emotionally and personally as confident, healthy and happy individuals ready for their future. We are proud to have been a part of our students’ journeys towards the top educational institutions.


Highly effective use of technology to support teaching and learning.


Dedicated and state of the art sporting and extra-curricular facilities 


Committed teaching and management staff


Consistent academic record at global and local examination boards



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